Soluble fertilizers for all crop stages.

Specially formulated to be used in all fertigation systems

nascent Classic

Designed with a balanced formulation of the three main components Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, recommended for crops with a high demand for these nutrients increasing root development.

Nascent Vital

Designed with a balanced Nitrogen and Potassium proportion, recommended for plants ’development stages, delivering as a result in better quality fruit and production.

Nascent One

Specially designed for the initial stages of the crop, with a high phosphorus concentration, key element for the first phenological stages in plants stimulating the root system.

Chelated Microelements
All formulations contain Chelated Microelements and organic acids that facilitate the absorption of other essential nutrients.
Suitable for all irrigation systems
Its acidic effect allows irrigation systems to be kept clean, avoiding dripper obstruction, improving the distribution and application of water and nutrients.

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Suitable for all irrigation systems